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Image: Thurlow Lieurance, 1922

Photograph of Thurlow Lieurance taken May 29, 1922 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The original photograph measures 7.75″ × 10″ (19.7 × 25.5 cm). The inscription on the front reads: “For / Dayton C. Miller / from / Thurlow Lieurance / 1922”. On the back (in pencil): “316”.

According to Michele Wolff, Music Librarian at the Wichita State University, this photo has a different provenance: “Thurlow Lieurance and members of the Pueblo Tribe, 1913 at Taos: Thurlow Lieurance with Antonio LaJuan, Frank Martinez, Don Markus and an unknown individual” ([Wolff 1996], in the alternate text for the photograph).

This photograph is provided courtesy of the Dayton C. Miller Photograph Collection of the U. S. Library of Congress.

See By the Waters of Minnetonka for more context about this image.

Thurlow Lieurance, 1922



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