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Ethnological Museum of Berlin

The Ethnologisches Museum of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin «Museum of Ethnology of the National Museums in Berlin» has a wealth of resources for researchers in particular, and general afficianados of the Native American flute. It is located at the Dahlem Museums, Lansstra├če 8, 14195 Berlin, Germany (near the Dahlem-Dorf station on the U-Bahn U3 line).

Note that the former name of the musum prior to 1999 was the Museum für Völkerkunde «Museum of Ethnography» ([Ziegler 2002], page 163, footnote 1).

This museum houses the long-standing exhibit "Indianer Nordamerikas - Vom Mythos zur Moderne" «North American Indians - From Myth to Modern», which has on display the Bodmer Flute , the Von Roenne Flute, and many other artifacts.

My visit to this museum on March 5, 2010 greatly supported the development of this web site. If you're ever in Berlin, check out this museum!

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