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Flute Detail: 1880s Sioux Flute

This flute is in the collection of Jeff and JoAnn Calavan of the Oregon Flute Store. They acquired it with the help of Dr. Richard W. Payne, who wrote in an email dated August 9, 2001 that “In my estimation this is an outstanding example of a late 19th century Sioux plains flute”.

According to JoAnn Calavan, Doc Payne thought that the flute maker went by the name Whirlwind but he could not confirm it. Doc Payne dated it circa 1880 Ashe Wood/flattened bullet casing nest plate. It was found in a collection of Western artifacts that made its way to the State of Virginia.

See A Brief History of the Native American Flute for more context about this image.

Photograph by and courtesy of Jeff and JoAnn Calavan.

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