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Yamaha S08 Synthesizer Configruation Files

One of the gotchas of using a synthesizer with software midi sequencers is getting them fully configured for that program.

This page provides configuration files for the Yamaha S08 Synthesizer for use with Band-in-a-Box (BIAB) and Sonar.

These configuration files allow access from BIAB and Sonar to virtually all the sounds in the sound library of the Yamaha S08 Synthesizer. It might also have some compatiblity with other Yamaha synths, primarily the S03, but “your mileage may vary”.

You'll need to save the configuration files below to your hard disk, then follow the instructions within the file. After saving them to your hard disk, you can open them in Notepad or some other text editor.


The sounds are organized by the MIDI “Family” specification. See the MIDI reference site. This family organization is straightforward, based on the program numbers from the midi specification. However, for the S08 Preset Bank and User Bank, the classification is not completely straightforward. For these banks, I have retained the Yamaha classification system as part of the name, and placed each within a reasonable MIDI family. The Yamaha classifications are:

  • Pf: = Piano
  • Or: = Organ
  • Gt: = Guitar
  • Ba: = Bass
  • St: = Strings / Orchestral
  • Br: = Brass
  • Rp: = Reed / Pipe
  • Ld: = Synth Lead
  • Pd: = Synth Pad
  • Sc: = Synth Comping
  • Cp: = Chromatic Percussion
  • Dr: = Drums
  • Se: = Sound Effects
  • Me: = Musical Effects
  • Co: = Combination

For patch names, I've used expanded versions of the names for greater clarity. BIAB 2004 seems to allow about 30 characters on the line for the Patch name, but I don't know if that holds for earlier version of BIAB.

Names begin with their “class”:

  • GM - General Midi Level 1 Voice
  • G2 - General Midi Level 2 Voice
  • XG - Yamaha XG specification
  • PR - Yamaha S08 Preset Voice
  • US - Yamaha S08 User Voice

This code is followed by then Yamaha classification for the Preset Bank and User Bank, then an expanded name for the patch. The expanded name is derived from the 8-character name shown on the S08 LCD window. Names for the GM patches are as listed on the MIDI reference site at http://www.midi.org. For other banks, I've had to guess sometimes at the correct expanded name, but I still felt this was better than suffering with names like “MutePkBa”.

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