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Roster of Native American flute-Related Discussion Groups, List Servers, and Social Media

This page lists some of the ever-expanding number of places you can go on the Web to engage in ducussions about the Native American flute.

These discussion groups (also called "newsgroups" or "list servers") allow people to interact by email (for example, by broadcasting an email to all members of the group), by bulletin board style messages, shared files and pictures, or even by live audio and video.

Audio / Video Chat Rooms and Video Broadcast Sites


PalTalk is web site that hosts chat rooms on many topics. When you join a room, you can see and hear things that are going on, such as text messages that other participants in the room are typing, the audio that one person is broadcasting live, and optional video from participants in the room. Broadcast of audio is from a single participant at a time, but that person can release their microphone and another person can then broadcast - the Internet version of an "open mic" session.

To participate, all you need is to be a member of PalTalk and run the PalTalkScene application or PalTalkExpress brower applet during the session. You also need to know when the Native American flute-oriented rooms are open and available. To get started, visit the PalTalk Web Site. And here's the typical schedule:

Date / Time Group / Chat Room
Saturdays 10-11AM, Eastern Time Native American Flute Making
Saturdays 11AM-Noon, Eastern Time Flute Jam Room**
Mondays 7-8PM, Eastern Time Flute Jam Room**
Mondays 8-9PM, Eastern Time Native American Flute Making

**The "Flute Jam Room" is a generic name for one of many rooms that is openend by various members of the Native American flute community for people to play their songs (in turn).


A facility for broadcasting the audio and video of concert-type happenings. A series of broadcasts is hosted by Rod Krug (aka "didgerod") - see his BlogTV web site for more information.

Independent Discussion Groups

Native American Flute Portal

A hub for extensive Native American flute discussions, as well as articles ad blogs posted by experienced performers and flute players. Sponsored by Jeff Ball and Geoffrey Ellis.

Visit the group at the Native American Flute Portal Web Site.

Wooden Flute Web Site

An extensive site oriented to wooden flutes. This is primarily oriented to the Irish Flute, but also includes renaissance flutes, bamboo flutes, and Native American flutes.

To join the group, visit the Woodenflute Web Site.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum

The "MIMF" newsgroup is oriented to makers of all styles of instruments. It has an extensive collection of resources and email-based conversations regarding construction techniques, as well a huge list of resources.

To join the group, visit the MIMF Web Site.

The Montana Listserver

The "Montana" newsgroup is an excellent Native American flute resource. Subscribing to this newsgroup is straightforward.

To subscribe, visit Dave Fields' home page or go directly to his page on How to Subscribe.

Yahoo Groups

Yahoo groups are a heavily used tool for communicating about the Native American flute. You can join the group online using a web browser. You can post messages to the group by email or from the web, view all past messages posted to that Yahoo group, post photographs and files to the group, view others photographs and files, check out who the members are, control your own "profile" and how much of your information is seen by others, etc. For example, you can control whether other people see your email address and whether they can email you directly (sometimes a useful feature when people want to reply to you privately).

To use Yahoo Groups, you can either go to http://groups.yahoo.com or click on the links for the individual groups below. If you've never been to Yahoo before, you will need to create a "profile" to identify yourself. In terms of privacy, they are pretty good (although not perfect).

Here are some Native American flute-related groups:

Main Yahoo Native American flute groups:

Smaller, auxiliary, or performer-specific Native American flute groups:

Regional groups and flute circles:

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